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Stellamore is a visual novel for iOS and Android, heavily inspired by  mythologies around the world, with a dash of science and fantasy elements.

The player will step into the shoes of one of the few approved Human ambassadors (whose name and pronouns can be set by the player), tasked with negotiating peace during a tense political summit. But more than an Ambassador, the player is also an oracle, one of the rare individuals burdened by visions of the stars and the ever changing future. 
With three options available for romance (so far), the player will dive into a new world of magic and intrigue.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(132 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsEpisodic, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance


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Just a heads up, according to the stellamore (willowish studios) tumblr, this game is actually not being continued.

an anon asked:
"will you guys be stopping the project?"

they replied with:
"Sadly yes, we don’t have enough people to help push this project forward."

Its been so long :'<


Unfortunately the game seems to be in a long hiatus, the devs stated that the game need to be on hold because of google's new policy and restrictions. I hope they can come back and continue this beloved game.


I really liked this game... I hope someday the creators pick it up again!


It really is a shame that the creator seems to have abandoned this game. I truly enjoyed playing and enjoyed the characters immensely. Hopefully the creator will come back and finish it.


Is this game dead


The devs have been really inactive in the discord and haven't posted about the game or to the games official accs in over a year so probably tbh, which sucks bc this is probably one of my favorite vns despite the fact it's probably never gonna be finished

ik this is a really late reply but if u like this game then you'll probably like games by NixHydra/Dorian (the Dorian app sucks though, i suggest fictif & The Arcana)

The art is amazing! The story was nice and can't wait for the next part :)


omfg the art is just sooooooo pretty 

and the cutie stories


Just played through pretty much everything available and I am hooked! Looking forward to the next update!


The graphics are absolutely amazing. The characters managed to make me fall in love with them in such a short time. It's rare that I'm interested in romancing everyone that I meet in a game, but this game manages that. They're all so interesting and I need more!!! Also we need to talk about representation! Characters of all different sizes, races, and gender identities! Despite the times that we live in, it is still SO rare to find a game with this amount of representation. It almost physically hurts that this isn't a finished game yet. I cannot wait to see the future of this project!


I love the characters sooo much. I can't wait for chapter 2!! Also is there a settings section to change screensize, text speed or other things like that?

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Help?? I downloaded the game on my laptop and opened it. i have option to choose to play part 1 and part 2 but none of the option are reacting to my clicking. It does slightly change color when i click it telling me that i did but it doesnt take me anywhere. Do i need to do something before playing the game? Btw the art and music is amazing and im sure the plot is better, amazing, love it. If any advices how to start part 1 would be very useful to me. Thank you :*

Edit: Nevermind, i found it yaaay :'D


please tell me how you found it...?...?

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idk whether or not you still need help but what I think you need to do is look for a little arrow close to the bottom of the right side of the screen (there are two, one on each side) press that until you get to the Name/Pronoun section, input what you want then go back to the main play screen (ignore the guys for now probs) and press part 1. Don't know if that helped but hopefully it'll help new peeps ;)

P.S. Just found out that once you finish part 2, you then need to choose the guy you want to pursue. 


As far as I've seen, the game is really good! The only problem is that the  and how to assign a name and pronouns). But aside from that, the art was amazing, the story was fairly interesting and the characters were as well. My favorite characters so far are Ariki, the prince and that stranger with icy blue eyes (coz he was mysterious and kinda cool). 

I really hope to see more chapters for each character (currently there's one chapter) and maybe in the future, more routes. 

Overall a great game, it needs some work but it has a huge potential. 

ps: the android version does not work on my phone- it gets stuck on the grey opening screen. 


hi! i'm having an issue where i download chapter one, and try to click on the prologue chapters, but they won't open? i've played stellamore on mobile already, and this is my first time playing it on pc, so i don't have any pre-existing data for stellamore on my pc. how can i fix it ?


Any updates on progress? I’m super excited to play this game! 

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I normally dont like this art style, but the story was interesting so I took a chance. That chance was not a mistake! It's a beautiful start, and I am very much looking forward to the rest of the story! (I know that currently Dior isn't a love interest, but that would be really cool if they were.)

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kudos to everyone involved, the artsyle blows me away, both the characters and the backgrounds, the music is also really good.

the characters so far seem really intersting , just  a little question are the devs considering adding a menu, like i dont know if i missed it but i coudnt save the game nor it saves automatically, and maybe on that menu like a gallery to see the cgs, still im excited for the other chapters.


Oh my goodness, I cannot wait till I can sweetly woo Taqtu, he's so sweet and optimistic!


Please help! The game is stuck on screen that says Part 1 Part 2 :(


me too i dont know what to do lol


Was this game inspired by The Arcana because they look so alike 


omg i thought about this too sksks

yeah I also got that vibe~


I'm so in love with this...the plot, art, and music are all absolutely divine!!!

Thank you for all of the work you all put into this game, it's clear to see that this is a product of much love and passion.  I wish you luck and most importantly, don't forget to take care of yourselves! :)

I look forward to what you have in store for us in the future!!! 


Having a slight issue, the game loads up perfectly well but after that (once I get past the button where you press play and the buttons for part one and part two pop up) I can't click anything, or when I do click it doesn't do anything.


I;m having the same issue! (playing on Mac)


i am having that issue as well, im playing on pc


try clicking the arrow on the bottom right until it brings you to the screen with all the pronoun choices. pick pronouns & type in a name at the top. it was doing the same for me until i put in a name, but as soon as i did, it worked!

Thank you, you wonderful wonderful person ily

Thank you! 


Super beautiful designs and story! I am super duper looking forward to the future chapters :) I'm not sure if its just my computer or not though, I can't access the prologue any more? Thank you for all the amazing effort you've put in the game, it really is awesome

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This game is wonderful and I'm so excited to play chapter one! One thing though, is that when I opened the game, there's no option to input name and choose your pronoun as there was before. I would assume this isn't what's supposed to be happening, as there are still places in characters' dialogue where it looks like  name should be (e.g. after you get taken back by Taqtu in part 2 of the prologue, Mukondi just says " !" upon seeing you)

EDIT: oh wow never mind!!!! Found it!

how did you fix it?

All you need to do is click on the character selection arrow an extra time after Ariki, which takes you to the name input and pronoun selection screen :)

I love the story, the art, the characters, absolutely everything! I had no problems with playing at all, and the only mistakes were grammatical. I wish there was more content out(Not to complain, I'm just being greedy), but I give my thanks to the creators for being so great at what they do. I hope they take their time in making this and don't get rushed, because this is going to be an amazing game.

Chapter 1 is awesome!!! Can't wait for the next update, you're really doing great job, I enjoyed all routes but I was literally squealing when playing Cipactli's route :D My only "complaint" is about the shortness of the chapter but really, that's just me being greedy so don't worry ;)

what the heck, this is so good!!! The art is wonderful, and I absolutely enjoyed the dialogue was equally as great! I look forward to seing the rest of this game when it releases!

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the blind merman is beautiful!!! Do you have a dev blog? Somewhere to see updates on progress? :) when can we expect chapter 1?

they have a tumbler https://willowishstudios.tumblr.com/


I'm loving this so far--though I'm a little sad there's still only prologue. I can't wait!


The only real issue I'd say I have is THERE ISN'T ANYMORE THAN THE PROLOGUE! But really, so far this game has a really strong start; great art (some of the details could use a little clean up, but otherwise the colors are STUNNING), intriguing characters and an already engaging story-line.

The only real critiques I'd give are mostly some spelling and grammar errors (minimal) and I think there are a couple times the text gets cut off? Otherwise, for a game still in development, you have me hooked and waiting for more!



Hey! Has there been a Discord server made for Stellamore yet? If not, I think it'd be a terrific idea to make one ^^

i can't seem to play the game at all sadly :(

it say it cannot execute some files, do you know how to fix this? sorry to bother you, but i really want to play this ;uwu)

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Will we be able to romance Mukondi? She's adorable.

Very interesting so far. 


Wonderful game, absolutely wonderful!!! The art is amazing, I'm enjoying the story as well!! I did notice a few errors however:

1. The elven prince, Cipactli, at one point says "Oh, we met outside, no?" or something similar, right before the inner dialogue "He begins to approach, but before he's able to reach me I'm overwhelmed by a familiar, hollow feeling." At the  "Oh we met outside, no?" it is not treated as actual dialogue from him, but inner dialogue for the reader.

2. There's a few punctuation errors (which is understandable given this is still in development! I just wanted to point them out in case you weren't aware).

3. In Prologue part 2, there's a moment of issue while talking to Taqtu (who I absolutely adore, oof). Instead of "He blinks, before grinning wide" being a narrative line, it's said as though Taqtu spoke it.

4. I'm a bit confused as Mukondi has said "god" before without emphasis on it, but the Empress does give emphasis. Is god a term meant to be capitalized or not? It's a little confusing.

Otherwise, I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I love it so so much. It's absolutely gorgeous, and the storyline and the interactions of the characters is very nicely written, your team has much to be proud of!!! 

I'm settling on hoping Taqtu is a romance because... wow. I love him so much and just... wow. Okay, okay, I'll stop rambling. But well done, I'm seriously looking forward to when more content is released!!!


Thank you so much  for the feedback, and we're glad to hear you're enjoying the game!

I really, Really , REALLY like this, im already hooked onto the story and the characters and i can't wait to find out more!!!

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The game is not playable on my Windows laptop. It loads up and then has nothing but the sunset with no buttons for a long time, and then the button "Part 2" pops up with nothing else available, and if you click that it just says "Please play the prologue!" before redirecting to the screen saying only "Part 2". deleting all the files and re downloading them does not fix the problem, and I have tried both the "windows" and the "windows update" downloads. This is frustrating especially because the only reason I wanted to download it is because the update is still not out for IOS, which is what I was following the game on originally. What I have seen is absolutely stunning, a wonderful art style with interesting worldbuilding and fantastic characters. I eagerly await the time when this game is available to Windows and IOS users.

Thank you for  letting us know! Updates are a little slow going as the Dev in charge of dealing with bugs is a full-time student, but we hope to have a more optimized version posted soon!

I might be able to help! I was having similar issues on the Mac version of the game. What I found is that the page needs to be windowed in order to work -- if you attempt to have it full screen, it will have the problems you presented. I'm no Windows expert, so I'm not sure how to fix this issue. On the Mac a little box popped up that allowed me to adjust the settings. Hopefully this helps!


It opens windowed, and there is no fullscreen option, so I don't think thats it

I finally got the chance to play the game on my macbook pro: thank you for fixing the screen sizing issue! I really liked the second part, it gave a little more insight into some people in the cast! This game is lovely, and all of the character are so intriguing (even when I can't seem to stand them *cough* Dior *cough*). The art is beautiful, and I particularly enjoy the soundtrack. All in all I can't wait for the next update! 

I really like this game! I played the first part on my iphone and it was great. I dowloaded it to my mac because of the issue they have with updating for iOS. Unfortunately I still havent gotten to play the second part yet, first there was the issue with the screen sizing, that got fixed, but now the buttons don't appear for me. If I can manage to click around and get past the Ascend screen, once I get to  choose gender, I can't choose anything no matter how much I click on it, so far I can't get past that screen.

Hey, thank you for the comment! We're still working on fully optimizing the desktop versions of the game, but we hope to have the kinks ironed out soon! 

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