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Beautiful game! I love the music and the art style. The characters seem very lovely. I can't wait to see what's to come!

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The game doesn't launch for me at all :( I downloaded and click on Launch, but nothing happens.

I'm sad because the mobile app hasn't been working for me since the update either.

Hey, thanks for letting us  know! Which platform are you launching on?

On a Windows laptop, I downloaded the game in the desktop app. When I click on "Launch", it switches to "Running" for a few seconds, then switches back like nothing happened. There's no error message or new window or anything.

On my Android phone, I start the game, the Willowish Studios logo appears, and after that it's just a blank black screen for about half a minute before it crashes completely.

Beautiful game, I played the first part on my iPhone without accidents  but when I launch the game downloaded from, the window is too much big to fit on my macbook' screen. I see the first screen with the sunset but I can't see and reach the bottom of it. Not being able to press "Ascend" button unable me to access the menu with the prologue, setting, gallery and about. Can't reduce the window in any way, I don't really know what to do.

Thank you for letting us know! This was a problem we had in an earlier build, so it should be a quick fix. We'll be updating  again very soon.

Thank you for giving me an answer so quickly,I'll patiently wait your fix then! :) (Your game is amazing, congratulations!! <3 )

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